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Vulcan Imagery: Bringing Art and Personality to Practical Photography, Tracy L. Hurst, Owner and Head Photographer; great friend.

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Support the Arts Owner of "No Hope No Fear", visit James Kern-author of Sonya's many tattoos.

Another Hole Body Jewelry: My favorite place on the web to browse & buy beautiful body jewelry!

Radio Bastet: Unique Site! Listen to hour long vintage belly dance music programs. Also a great link resource.

Shanmonster's Gallery: Lots of beautiful old pictures of belly dancers (and those who wished to just pose like one) in the hey-day of glamour.

Pavliscak Studios: Marbles, Beads, Windows, Lamps and Jewelry

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Artists to Note

Aziza: Belly Dancer of Montreal, formerly Portland. Absolutely poetry in motiuon, an inspirational dancer & multi-award winning entertainer.

Anne Thomas Soffee: Writer of Snake Hips, Belly Dancing and How I Found True Love

Belly Dancing with Delilah: Delilah supports diversity in the dance and enjoys all of its styles; she sees the bellydance as never stationary, but always in a state of creative flux and growth.

The Costume Goddess: Site of Dina Lydia, the artist behind the caricature of Sonya (top of this page). Want to learn how to make your own costumes? This is the page to go to! Great how to books...

Hipnotic: Chicago Tribal Belly Dance

Shoshanna: Exquisite veil-dancer from the Redwoods of California. Dilek, San Diego's only Turkish Dancer. Dilek, born and raised in Turkey, trained in Turkish, Lebanese, Egyptian style, has been performing throughout San Diego and Southern California. She has unique, energetic, soulful, sensual style, and known her strong shimmies, backbends, using props such as candle tray, sword, double veil, & cane.

Shimmy Shock Entertainment: Marie Hale, has been a dancer herself for 10 years. She found her passion for this style of dance because of it's ability to empower and enlighten women to their most precious asset, themselves.

Americanistan: performs music inspired by cultures of the Middle East and Mediterranean. Bellydance music is our specialty. Exotic sounds of ethnic instruments such as the oud, kanun, harmonium, and ney flute, as well as the clarinet and harp, blend with the rhythms of dumbek, tambourine, and frame drum.

Shahina: Professional Middle Eastern Dancer and Teacher in Chicago's Western Suburbs. Experience the poetry of the soul expressed as Shahina's dance.

Organizations Everything you ever wanted to know about belly dancing you'll find here!

Belly Dancer Salome: A performer site as well as belly dance directories, talent agency directory, jobs available, on-line lessons, articles, and interviews.

Chicago Belly Dancers: This site was created to unite the belly dance community in Chicago, Illinois and keep everybody informed about what's going on. We believe that by sharing with each other and supporting each other, we all become better dancers. A music & dance events listing as well as a Chicagoland area dancer/musician directory.

Khafif: Middle Eastern music and dance instruction and performance group based in Pittsburgh.

the Gothic Belly Dance Resource: A site dedicated to the artistry of Gothic, Ritual/Sacred, Experimental, and related Fusion forms of Belly Dance.

My Aisha: Belly dance search engine. Information site; featuring FAQ," Instructor of Duty", historic timeline, styles of belly dancing, articles, & resources. Promoting the art of belly dancing around the world.

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